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HempCoin (THC)

Revolutionizing the Cannabis, Hemp, Agricultural and
Tobacco industries through decentralized, convenient and safe payments

What is HempCoin?

HempCoin was one of the first 30 cryptocurrencies developed in 2014. It is a highly focused digital currency based on Bitcoin with improved payments and security features. HempCoin aims at delivering global liquidity to the Agricultural and Farming sectors, as well as a simple and decentralized payments system for medical and recreational Cannabis, Hemp and Tobacco.

Upon inception, HempCoin was the only cryptocurrency for Agriculture, a trillion-dollar trade business worldwide. The vision was and remains for HempCoin to help facilitate transactions between farmers and distributors overseas.

Our Vision

Our vision is to overcome the HempCoin’s key liquidity issues affecting mainstream adoption and increase usability. The HempCoin is embracing trends in payment technology to provide a real-world banking solution for the legal cannabis industry and easy-to-implement alternative payment solutions for the agricultural and farming industries, industrial hemp industry, cannabis dispensaries, and hemp, cannabis, and tobacco-related retailers.

Our Mission

Banks in the U.S. are not accepting legal cash for hemp transactions, largely in part because it is illegal on the federal level. Our mission is to have a cryptocurrency that can be used for online payment systems and peer-to-peer transaction services including Point-of-Sale systems and card terminals. This coin will directly serve the hemp, cannabis, agriculture, and tobacco industries.

Early 2018 has already proven to be a growth year for HempCoin.
THC hit 100 on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of nearly 160 million USD. 

The THC Coin Swap

The THC coin swap will occur the third quarter of 2018. The new THC token, based on PIVX, will include privacy via Zerocoin protocol, instant transactions via SwiftX, and feature masternode capabilities.

The decision to embark on this new direction was one of both want and necessity. With the creation of HempPAY™ and the desire to not only remain competitive but lead the way in the crypto-cannabis sector, the only option was a fork with the outcome being a far superior THC token.

The new HempCoin is not only an upgrade from the current token, but the most technologically advanced coin in the cannabis field.

Coin Specifications

Algorithm: Scrypt (Pos/PoW)

Premine: 5,750,000 (2.5%)

Block Time: 60 seconds.

Block Reward: 125 coins 

Reward Halving: Halving at 500,000 Block Intervals

Coin Age Requirement: 45 days for 5% stake.

Total Supply: 250,000,000 HempCoins 

Season lasts for 45 additional days and
then can be started again

BONUS Blocks 1% Chance of 875 Coins

BONUS Blocks 1% Chance at 7,875 Coins

Road Map

Being updated.



At HempCoin, our end goal is not just to become a payment option during the purchase of cannabis but a primary payment method. In 2018 we aim to offer three payment methods: HempPAY™ Mobile, HempPAY™ Card and HempPAY™Online.

HempCoin will to work together with dispensaries to create incentives for cannabis buyers to choose cryptocurrency as a form of payment over fiat. With our HempPAY™ Mobile and HempPAY™ Card options.

HempCoin is also working with e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop and OSCommerce to provide customers with the option to pay in THC. 



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Founder & CEO

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Chief Technical Officer

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Business Development

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Public Relations

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Product Development

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Community Outreach

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