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HempCoin(THC) is Migrating to an asset chain of Komodo.

Komodo’s innovative delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW) security mechanism protects the entire ecosystem with the power of the Bitcoin Network. To compromise a protected chain, an attacker would need to overpower the native network, the KMD network, and the BTC network – all at the same time. 

Komodo provides Bitcoin-level security through dynamic checkpoint notarizations. Komodo allows blockchain projects to get BTC-level security at a fraction of the cost. Security is embedded for Komodo Chains but can also be extended to external blockchains. Komodo’s dPoW security recycles Bitcoin’s hash rate to protect the blockchain industry.

Komodo’s multi-chain architecture allows every project to scale without limits. Komodo gives every project their own customized and dedicated blockchain for predictable performance. Add as many additional blockchains as you need and link them into clusters for linear scale-out. A unique burn protocol holds coin supply constant so multiple blockchains function as one.

All blockchains in the Komodo ecosystem support atomic swaps and cross-chain smart contracts. Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap tech supports 95% of all cryptocurrencies. An interlinked blockchain ecosystem enables cross-chain verifications and fungibility. External blockchains can be linked into the Komodo ecosystem through blockchain bridging.

Komodo’s technology is fully modular and future-proofed with continuous updates to the ecosystem. Komodo’s modular platform technology allows maximum flexibility to build custom solutions. New features and tech updates are automatically pushed to Komodo’s open source ecosystem. Evolve and grow to meet future needs with Komodo’s adaptable blockchain architecture.

Please check back here or our social media channels for updates.

~ TheHempCoin ~